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Free Video Series: Coding with Python to Create Music

In this video series, educators can learn to teach code with a simple program called Earsketch. A special thank you to our sponsors for making this project possible!

Emerson, Blueprint4Summer, and The Dana Brown Charitable Trust Foundation.


What is Earsketch?  In this lesson, students navigate through EarSketch and find an example that corresponds with each letter.

Lesson 2: Creating Music

This lesson focuses on how to code music.  Students will use fitMedia to learn about music sample, track, start measure, and end measure.

Students will think about what is the “heart of music”–the drum.  Students will learn that 1 measure equals 4 beats.

In this lesson, students will think about their beat and add additional tracks to make a song.

Lesson 5: Variables

In this lesson, students will learn to use variables using synth or track.

Lesson 6: More Variables

In this lesson, students will learn more about how to shorten their music code using variables.

Lesson 7: Debugging

In this lesson, students will learn the most common errors that happen while creating music using EarSketch.

Lesson 8: Mood in Music

In this lesson, students will learn about tempo in music.  The slower the tempo the calmer the music and the higher the tempo the more energetic.

Learn how to add volume gain and pitch shift your song introduction

Lesson 10: Loops

Learn how to have a continuous beat in a song selection.

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