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June Summer Camps at
The Interactive STEM Studio!

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We are excited to offer week long STEM themed camps for kids ages 7-12 during the month of June. Our programs are designed to engage and inspire young minds, and our experienced instructors provide hands-on learning experiences that are both educational and fun. 

Time: 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. Monday - Friday

Cost: $375 /week

Ages: 7-12 years old

STEM Animal Adventures

June 3-7

Calling all animal lovers! Discover how the animal kingdom can inspire your journey through the realms of STEM, all while having a blast with hands-on robotics exploration. 


Animal Adaptations:  Learn how  animals adapt to survive and invent our very own critters designed for a special habitat.

Virtual Field Trips: Observe animals in their natural habitats at zoos across the world

Build a Zoo: Students will create a collaborative Zoo with animal habitats.

LEGO® WeDo Robotics: Build a robot animal using LEGO®s.


Student Showcase: Families are invited for a tour of our ZOO at the end of the week.

Games Galore!

June 10-14

Join us for Games Galore where students can immerse themselves in the diverse realm of gaming. From classic board games to thrilling tournaments and the ultimate challenge of designing their own game, this class offers a dynamic and engaging experience for every gaming enthusiast.


Game Design: Students will play their favorite games, learn the basics of board game mechanics and techniques, and develop their own game from concept to board and pieces design.

Digital Gaming: We will explore the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) gaming to experience the future of the digital environment.

Arcade Games: Participants will play classic arcade games and even build their own cardboard arcade!  

Student Showcase: Families are invited for a tour of our arcade and to play our games at the end of the week.

Lights, Camera, Action! 

June 17-21

Join us for a week of storytelling and filmmaking where students are inspired by the world of movies.  Students will master a variety of aspects of the filmmaking process including scriptwriting, film editing, visual effects, and sound.  Students will produce a variety of movies throughout the week.


Stop Motion Film: Students will be able to animate any object and bring it to life.

Green Screen Technology:  Students learn how to use green screen and animation technology to create special effects. 

Student Showcase: The week will conclude with a red carpet film festival event for families as we highlight student creations.

Makerspace Marvels

June 24-28

Join us for a journey of exploration, invention, problem-solving, and hands-on tinkering in our dynamic MakerSpace workshop.  Each day, students will face exciting new building challenges that will ignite their creativity and innovation. They'll have the chance to dive into both high-tech and low-tech opportunities with choice based activities.  Projects will include:


Create an Instrument: Use circuitry skills to create your own instrument.

Design a Playground: Build a maze for your Ozobot to travel. 

Upcycle Project: Repurpose everyday items into something new.

Engineering Challenge: Build a structure using materials.

Art and Design Challenge:  Craft a project with Makerspace supplies.

Student Showcase: The highlight of the week will be a gallery viewing for families to see their student’s creations.

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