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High School Summer Coding Camp Program

Coding Camp is for current High School Students. Our summer programs are held on the Maryville University Campus for two weeks in July.

High School Summer Coding Camp Program

Become a STEM innovator while immersing yourself in the college experience! The Maryville Coding Camp offers a week-long program crafted to enhance students' understanding of coding and its applications in the contemporary world. This year, participants will engage in hands-on activities using state-of-the-art technologies. Students can choose from a diverse range of coding activities, including crafting music with Python code, delving into Game Design, and exploring various other coding and college life experiences.

Dates: July 22-26

Time: 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. 

Cost:  $ 199

Refund Policy

If the program is canceled due to university decision all participants will receive a full refund.

For those who register between registration opening through April 30th:

As families often need to make decisions about summer programs very early in the year to schedule the busy summer months and to ensure placement in our fastest selling courses, we understand that sometimes plans change. So that you feel confident paying tuition in the winter and spring for a July program, the Maryville Coding Camp Program offers a 100% refund policy for courses until April 30th.

However, in order to maintain small class sizes, we offer limited placements in each class and most of our classes sell out by spring. When you pay tuition for a class in our program, you reserve a placement for your child that no one else can purchase. By May, many families have made summer plans and we are often unable to resell placements. Therefore, unless we have a child on the course waiting list that takes your child’s place, we can only offer a 50% refund from May 1 through June 15 and are unable to offer refunds June 16 and afterward except in extreme cases such as a death in the family or medical emergency.

Late registrant policy:

For those who register on May 1 or after, we offer a 100% refund through June 15 and a 50% refund through the onset of the program. For those who register after June 15, we offer a 100% refund through the onset of the program.

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