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Geospatial Resources

Check out this wealth of resources using geographic infromation system mapping technology.

Geospatial Crash Course: Discovering Our Space with Geospatial

Geospatial in Motion: A T-Rex Experience

Geocaching is basically like a big global treasure hunt. Someone hides a cache, then provides clues (usually online) to help others find it. These clues are a mix of map coordinates, given to get seekers to the right general area, and verbal hints to help them narrow down the location once they’re there. Since its start in 2000, this hobby has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, with more than 3 million registered caches available for seekers to find.

GeoInquiries™ are 15-minute instructional activities that use interactive maps (geographic) to enhance your academic instruction of standards-based topics from grades 4-12.

The Maptivists initiative at the Leventhal Map & Education Center is rooted in the belief that maps and mapping are empowering and can help students be civically engaged.

With more than 1.25 million video views, the Geospatial Revolution project is the go-to source for government, education, and workforce development to learn how geospatial technology is changing the world. The project is anchored in a world-class research university and trusted for its PBS editorial standards.

These story maps contain the readings, hands-on activities, discussions, and quizzes for a GIS course focused on environmental science.

A guide for K-12 career and Technical Education teachers.

MapMaker equips teachers and learners with carefully curated, standards-focused, National Geographic Explorer-inspired maps, data, and activities for many subjects and grade levels. Designed specifically for teachers and students, MapMaker is free, runs on lightweight devices such as tablets and laptops, and doesn't require a login.

Using interactive maps to explore data, illuminate patterns, and uncover relationships helps them build the critical thinking skills they need. Esri provides many free resources for integrating geographic content of all types—turning data into maps, stories and knowledge.

Esri and Pathful Explore are partnered to empower students to explore the possibilities of GIS careers. Flourishing in all industries, careers in GIS transform data analysis into a scientific art-- one that promotes both critical thinking and innovation. If you want to be on the cutting edge of science and technology, and impact positive change in the world, check out some of these exciting careers.

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